Book Launch – 5th June

I’m (literally) launching my first print (and e-book) short story collection at a special event during Raglan Shire’s artwalk. There might be rockets (grin). There might be free Gator’s Gallery store cards.

Invitation to book launch 512x512

Please do come along if you can: 11am 5th June. SLURL:

Read more about the book and where you can get a copy here at my main author website.




Maybe it’s not exactly the right time of year, but Gator said she wanted something to cover her legs so I’ve made her some nice cozy legwarmers (marketplace link).

BaseMPSize700x525 Legwarmers sale board smaller

As you can see from the image they are rigged mesh made by my fair claw in Blender and also textured by me so you won’t find them anywhere else in SL. They come in one size (XS) for the smaller standard humanoid avatar.

Please try the demo to be sure they fit!

Sci Fi Con Awards

So following the somewhat popular and hilarious appearance of Borgwood Squares at the Sci-Fi Con in March, last night the sci-fi alliance had its star-studded awards ceremony. And Gator was honoured to collect two third place awards: one for best host/hostess and the other for best event (Borgwood Squares). Seeing as she doesn’t really know very many of the sci fi roleplayers, and seeing as there were so many fine events at the con, she was pretty pleased with that.

Borgwood (Tinywood) Squares of course runs every week though so please do come along on Sundays.

Snapshot_253 compSnapshot_256

Gator’s Gallery @ the Sci Fi Con

The science fiction convention is open! Like last year Gator’s Gallery has a plot to showcase Daisy/Elinor’s science fiction stories. This time it’s a swamp so you might want to bring an umbrella and wellies.

I’ve also released a new special group gift to celebrate the convention: more lunchboxes and mesh framed art this time featuring a NASA JPL poster of the asteroid Ceres. This is a poster from a really stylish series issued recently so if you’re not already a member please do join the group as these are well worth picking up. Incidentally I’ve seen these public domain posters for sale elsewhere for L$250!

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Once you’ve visited Gator’s swamp, checked out her e-books, toured all the jaw dropping futuristic exhibits at the rest of the con and ridden the rollercoaster finally, don’t forget Borgwood Squares is happening tomorrow. That’s Saturday 19th March, 11:30 AM SLT. The set is in place and waiting. Can’t wait, it should be a blast.