Tinywood Squares

The most awesome trivia game show in Second Life! Two contestants battle to dominate the game board in a noughts and crosses style contest where the “squares” are their own friends and acquaintances.

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Tinywood Squares originated within the Tiny community where games and general silliness are endemic. Although you no longer need to be tiny to play. The seats have been adapted to suit most avatar types.

Tinywood began with host and tiny budgie Skippy McSkipperson. Now it’s run by “huge” tiny gator Daisy, “TheGator”.

Not just an ordinary trivia contest, it’s a fully functional game show with flashing lights, funky sounds and prizes for everyone, even the audience.

Contestants win linden dollars. The squares, the audience and everyone else nearby wins a prize from the sponsor of the week.

Tinywood Squares: How to Play.

A minimum of 11 avatars in addition to the host are needed to play Tinywood Squares, that’s 9 people to sit in the squares and 2 contestants.The object is to complete a line across, vertically, or diagonally or to score as many squares as possible for maximum number of points.

Taking turns, each contestant selects a square. The square is asked a question. The contestant has the choice of agreeing with the square’s answer or disagreeing. The contestant must correctly agree or disagree with the square’s answer to win the square.
If the contestant fails in this the square goes to his/her opponent. An exception is made if the square would result in the opponent winning by default; in this case the square remains unclaimed.

Two rounds make a game although often a third is played as a tie breaker. The winner of each round wins 30 points. If the board is unwinnable the players just play for points–5 points per correct answer.

Problems problems:

Tinywood Squares is rather a complicated game to run single-handed. Your gator host may get in a muddle at times. If she does so such as highlighting the wrong square or forgetting whose turn it is–both quite common occurrences!–please do point out her mistake. But ultimately her decisions are final. No arguing with your gator host over the accuracy of questions or points. If things go seriously awry a new question will be asked or even the board cleared and a new round opened. The ultimate object of the game is to have fun so yes, persistent arguers will be eaten! 😀

Sponsors & the Secret Square

Sponsors are welcome for Tinywood Squares. Every game includes a “secret square.” When a contestant chooses and wins the secret square a gift provided by the sponsor is distributed to everyone nearby.

When & Where

Tinywood Squares currently takes place every Sunday at 11.00am SLT at Limbo SLURL.

Join Gators Gallery group for all event notices including one-off special editions of the game on other sims.

Gator also hosts or co-hosts other events from time to time such as Raglan Shire’s Prim Charades.

Paste into nearby chat and click to join group:



4 thoughts on “Tinywood Squares

    • Yes, the “lindens” contestants win are inworld linden dollars. Although maybe I should point out that for the special Virtual Ability event there will be prizes from my store rather than linden rewards due to the fact I won’t be taking tips there or receiving any other payment. The linden prizes usually come from my tips. *grin* As for tinies… you don’t need to be a tiny! I’m going to adapt the set so anyone can sit in it. I hope to see you there!


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