Gator’s Gallery @ the Sci Fi Con

The science fiction convention is open! Like last year Gator’s Gallery has a plot to showcase Daisy/Elinor’s science fiction stories. This time it’s a swamp so you might want to bring an umbrella and wellies.

I’ve also released a new special group gift to celebrate the convention: more lunchboxes and mesh framed art this time featuring a NASA JPL poster of the asteroid Ceres. This is a poster from a really stylish series issued recently so if you’re not already a member please do join the group as these are well worth picking up. Incidentally I’ve seen these public domain posters for sale elsewhere for L$250!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once you’ve visited Gator’s swamp, checked out her e-books, toured all the jaw dropping futuristic exhibits at the rest of the con and ridden the rollercoaster finally, don’t forget Borgwood Squares is happening tomorrow. That’s Saturday 19th March, 11:30 AM SLT. The set is in place and waiting. Can’t wait, it should be a blast.


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