About Gator’s Gallery

Gator’s Gallery is owned and run by Daisy “thegator”–RL: Elinor Caiman Sands.

Gator's Gallery
Gator’s Gallery

In SL, Daisy is a tiny alligator. (Actually I’m ENORMOUS but most folks seem to think I’m a tiny).

In RL I’m a professionally-published and Amazon bestselling writer of science fiction & fantasy. Four short fiction magazine sales so far writing as Elinor Caiman Sands, plus self published e-books. Check out my RL writing blog!

I’m also a bit of an artist, having painted and sold (or swapped with other artists) lots of miniature artworks (artist trading cards). Now I sell digital copies of my hand painted art in mesh frames which I also built–yup, I learnt to gator wrestle Blender, the notoriously cantankerous 3d modelling software. So I build and I paint and I write. All this keeps me very busy indeed!

Gator's Gallery
Gator’s Gallery


Please do look at Gator’s Gallery marketplace store. The inworld shop shown in the photos is on hiatus but the marketplace is always there.


Gator’s Gallery also has an active inworld group. Receive occasional notices about new creations and popular events, including reminders for Tinywood Squares, the long-running trivia game show I host every Sunday on the ancient Isle of Wyrms. Join the group here: secondlife:///app/group/9e1354bb-261a-2728-8089-12c543bd1b25/about
(copy/paste into local chat then click the link & “Join”).


Any other questions please contact me inworld. You can send an IM to “TheGator.” If I’m offline your message will go to my email. Or you can drop a notecard in my mailbox (see right for current SLURL). Please don’t send me a notecard any other way or it might get lost.

Later gator,


Gator's Gallery
Gator’s Gallery
Gator's Bookstore
Gator’s Bookstore

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