Free Mesh Book – Europa Spring

So I finally got around to building some original mesh books. Of course the first thing I did was put my book covers on them. I’m really pleased with how they look.

As already shown below I’ve piled a few on tables as hunt prizes, but I thought I’d also give one away by itself as a yes copy/yes transfer/no modify freebie. Of course it contains some of the promotional notecards and textures for the special pre-order e-book and store credit deal I have running throughout June but hopefully they don’t detract from its decorative value.

Anyhow, you can pick it up in the store–I have them on the main counter in both book shop and gallery. You can also get it on the marketplace here.


Free Mesh Book
Free Mesh Book

Special Offers for June. Free e-book, L$200 store credit, hunt prizes.

So I’ve been putting together some special offers. Just because it’s lazy-gator summer season I wouldn’t want anyone to think nothing was happening around these lovely swampy parts.

So first up, most importantly, I have a special limited time deal on my Europa Spring e-book, which is now available for the first time at Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple. In short, if you haven’t snapped up a copy yet now’s a great time because if you pre-order it from one of those stores for only US$0.99 (local prices may vary) you get all sorts of goodies as a bonus. You get a second e-book free plus a L$200 Gator’s Gallery store credit. Woot!

I did a little notice for inworld so you might see the sign there. Full details below.

Europa Spring Pre-order Offer
Europa Spring Pre-order Offer

1. First, pre-order Europa Spring by Elinor Caiman Sands from Barnes & Noble, Apple or Kobo. It has to be from one of those three stores, and it has to be a pre-order. (Search for “Elinor Caiman Sands” in iBooks if you have an Apple device).

2. Next send me an email with evidence of your order. For instance a copy of your receipt. Please forward or cc your evidence or paste it in the body of the email. DO NOT SEND EMAIL ATTACHMENTS as they won’t be opened. You can email me at [elinorcaimansands at] (replace the “at” with “@” as you would do normally in an email). You can also send any questions about this offer there, or IM me inworld, SL name: “thegator”

3. In your email let me know which free e-book coupon you would like, “Mouse About the House,” or “The Martian Ascent.”

4. Also in your email say which item(s) you would like from Gator’s Gallery. NB. In order to receive the Gator’s Gallery store items you’ll of course need to include your inworld name (not display name) in your email so I know who to deliver the items to. If you prefer not to reveal your SL name consider using an alt name for delivery.

Want to spend more than L$200? That’s fine, just send the extra lindens to “thegator” inworld.
Want to spend it on one (or more than one) of the gacha machines? That’s fine too, I’ll play the machine for you and send you the result. Of course, it will be random items. Please don’t ask for specific items, that goes against the rules of gacha.
Want to spend less than L$200? That’s also okay, but note no refunds will be offered either for unspent lindens, or for lost or unwanted items on this occasion. In case of an actual problem with the goods that can’t be easily fixed, returns/replacements will be accepted/provided.

Hope you’ll take advantage of this offer!


Also, two new hunts are about to start. This time I’ve done a pic to show what you get, so here we go. Two cute tables with books and art for the Silk Road Hunt and Cyber Steam Brawl Hunt. Same basic build but with texture variations. Find the hints in the store.

Until next time. Happy snappy shopping!

Hunt Prizes and Offers for June
Hunt Prizes and Offers for June


So Gator’s Gallery has moved and grown yet again, soon it’ll be almost as big as me. (I’m a very large alligator, you know.) Thought I’d take some snapshots of it, pardon the pun. It’s lovely and bright and colourful with a nice little apartment terrace for my bathtub and cozy armchair. Moreover there’s a hot tub out the back with a tiny “salt fish box” dance machine. And a ballet machine too. (You haven’t lived ’til you’ve seen Gator-style ballet). Plus a beer keg. Please do stop by some time though if you find me in the tub I’m probably afk writing or something. Sorry.


Gator's Gallery Gator's Gallery Gator's Gallery Gator in the tub

Tiny Fish Machine
Tiny Fish Machine