Having trouble with big groups? Then update your viewer!

Run out of group space? Yep, me too. If you’re anything like me you have to regularly leave one group before you can join another. But lately I found myself unable to leave the really big groups. Their membership lists won’t load which means they can’t be exited.

At first I thought it was just lag but it soon became apparent it was a viewer problem, I need to update my viewer. Thanks to the helpful folk in the New Citizens International chat channel who told me that. (What would we do without all those helpful groups to turn to?!?)

Here’s a useful blog post I was sent for the full explanation of the changes. I guess the moral of the lesson is–find the time to update your viewer!


Tinywood Squares. It’s growing!

Tinywood Squares, Second Life’s best trivia game show, currently takes place every Sunday at 11.30am SLT at Limbo. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to take a look at the new Tinywood page on this blog.

The special news is that on Monday 21st September it’s spreading beyond the tiny community and will take place at Virtual Ability, SL’s group for people with disabilities. If you’re a member of the group be sure to come along to this one off event.

Keep an eye on the events calendar on this blog or join Gator’s Gallery’s inworld group to be sure of getting all the info.

Snapshot_098 cropped

Galleria Kakku Opens

Last night I attended the Galleria Kakku opening party. Galleria Kakku means “Gallery Cake” and is dinky fox Pieni’s lovely great big art gallery in the sky.  Pie kindly invited me to exhibit, so I have some of my paintings there alongside her own as well as Maymay Matova’s and lots of other talented tiny and biggie artists. The SLURL is here if you want to take a look.

The event was a huge success. At one point I glanced at the map and there were 49 people there. We were entertained by the splendid live singer Samm Qendra followed by a set from DJ Story Tells. Here are a few photos from the dancefloor.

Samm singing alongside Gator and tiny friends keeping her company on stage.
Samm singing alongside Gator and tiny friends keeping her company on stage.



Renaissance Hunt & Faire

The fifth Mieville Renaissance Hunt and Faire opens today and Gator’s Gallery is once again taking part in both. Come to the store for the hunt. You’re looking for a gargoyle and the hint is: “A Gargoyle who thinks he’s a chameleon.”

Find the gargoyle and you win the magic carpet pictured below.

Please do visit the faire as well.

Here’s the SLURL to Gator’s Gallery for the Hunt.

And here’s the SLURL to Gator’s Gallery’s Faire Booth.

1024x1024 Renaissance Hunt Prize flat

Snapshot_149 smaller
Renaissance Faire Booth