Winter is Coming…

Gator has been getting nervous as there’s talk of snow. So she made herself a scarf. Here it is fitted to my biggie. It’s a simple prim affair sporting one of my nice original textures and is now available on the marketplace for a mere L$1.

512x512 Scarf sale board2

She’ll have to make herself a sweater next.


Gator’s Gallery at Mieville Christmas Faire

I have a stall at the faire. And gacha machines too. Woot! The stall is extremely pretty and snowy if rather cold (which of course Gator doesn’t like at all) but please do put on your fake furs and come visit.

There’s lots of other great booths here as well of course. I’m right next to fellow tiny Kath McGill of Tiny Huggles and not far along the way is Skippy of Pudgie Budgie and Bun of Classic Accessories and Liam of Panda Panda with all his charming music boxes.

And if you get bored shopping there are fair ground rides here too. Don’t miss it all!


Isle of Wyrms Garage Sale

Looking for pre-Christmas bargains? I know just the place. Come to the Isle of Wyrms. They’ve just opened their doors for a big yard sale full of no copy items so don’t delay or you’ll miss all the best stuff.

Gator’s Gallery has a stall here too. Please do come and check it out.


Naked Gator Pictures!!

Gator was asked to provide some snapshots for a special project recently. So I took her off to our photo studio and let her pose. (She’s a great poser). I wish I could say she looks great naked too, but she doesn’t. Still, judge for yourself. Here’s a link to my new Flickr stream with all the photos and I’ve posted a few of my favourites below as well. Try to keep a straight face or she might eat you!

Prim Charades

The “big news” of the week is that Gator is to be the new co-host of what is surely Raglan Shire’s longest-running and best-loved bi-weekly game show, Prim Charades. It’s certainly my favourite regular Raglan event. I’ve been an enthusiastic builder and guesser for about a year and a half now and look forward to joining long-standing co-hosts Francesca and Paulina who help Kayak make the event a success every Tuesday at 10.30am SLT.

I’ve added the days I’m currently scheduled to help out on the events calendar, but please do come along to any game, we never miss a week. If you’re in the US there’s also a later game every Friday at 5pm SLT.