Defiant Pixels’ Gacha Event

So I have a little stall at the Defiant Pixels Gacha Event.

It’s a candy and dinosaur themed event, so when I saw that I figured I’d have to be a part of it. And yes, I know, technically alligators aren’t dinosaurs but we’ve been around for just as long and heck, you only have to look our fine and gnarly features to appreciate that we are cousins.

Here I am at my stall.

Gator's Gallery Defiant Pixels Stall
Gator’s Gallery Defiant Pixels Stall

And here is an overhead shot of the event.

Defiant Pixels

A few people are still setting out their wares, but it opens tomorrow at 11am SLT and is looking full of awesome things.

Here are the images for the two collections I’ve put up on my stall.

1. First, the brand new Candy Gift Box Collection! With two rare skyboxes! L$40 per play.

Candy Box Gacha Collection
Candy Box Gacha Collection

I’m terribly proud of it. It has six lots of common luxury gift boxes and jars which are meant to be used as containers to present gifts to your inworld friends in style. Just buy a gift (must be transferable of course), put it in the candy-themed box or jar, then hand it over. The container will automatically open when clicked. Full instructions provided if you don’t know how to use fill up the box or jar.

Then there are the two rare skyboxes to be won. Small enough for a 512m plot, but 2-storeys and large enough for plenty of furniture. Clean and textured in a stylish modern way though with vintage Hansel and Gretel wallpaper on the internal wall. An inbuilt overhead light. Stairs. No door, but you don’t need one, it’s a skybox! Full instructions are provided on how to put it up in the sky and get into it initially, bearing in mind it has no door! Long term you can simply set your landmark inside, or if you prefer pick up a free teleporter which you can find on the SL marketplace. Best of all it’s only 14 LI.

2. And here is the board for my tiny wearable gator collection. L$25 per play. (Ahem, yes I know some would say I’ve misspelt gacha, but I’ve seen it spelt both ways, honest, lol.)

Gator's Zombie Gator Gacha

Anyway, aren’t they cute! Lol. Of course, they look a lot like me, Daisy Gator. They have my smile….

They are designed to be worn on your avatar. The commons will sit on your shoulder and are small enough even for tiny avatars. Here is a pic of my meerkat with #6 Luke on her shoulder, aw.


The large rare one is too big for tiny avatars–it’s designed to sit on the hip of a regular-sized human avatar, or to be held.

Here are a few more random photos. You can never have too many photos! 😀





And we’re off.

Hello tasty peeps, Daisy Gator here, just setting up the blog. Thought it was about time. After all, that Nice Elinor has had a blog for ages with all her RL publishing and stuff. Not that she updates it very much. She’s soooo lazy.

Anyway, here am I to talk about all the mischief fun stuff I get up to in Second Life. I hope you’ll come back often. It’s gonna be a blast.