Group Gifts!

I’ve just sent out a HUGE gator-sized box of festive gifts to the group. It includes a set of mesh lunchboxes built by me with hand painted textures.

Snapshot_010 smaller1

Snapshot_004 cropped

The lunch boxes come in two sizes, the larger fitted for regular-sized human avatars and the smaller for tiny avatars. The lunch boxes are interactive too. Click on them and they give noms!

Snapshot_002 smaller

The box of gifts also includes other non-group exclusive items. Join the Gator’s Gallery group to get the lot. You can either search for Gator’s Gallery inworld, or paste this SLURL (secondlife:///app/group/9e1354bb-261a-2728-8089-12c543bd1b25/about) in inworld local chat then click the link.

Once you’re in the group, look in past notices to collect the box of goodies. Group notices last for two weeks so it’ll be there for that long from now.


Tinywood Squares @ Virtual Ability

I’m hosting another one-off special edition of Tinywood Squares on Virtual Ability island. It’ll be happening on Monday 21 December at 11am SLT. If you’re a member of the group please do come along. If you’re not a member but are a Tinywood regular send me an IM as once again we want to be sure we get enough people to fill the seats. The Virtual Ability community isn’t as big as the tiny one.

I don’t have a new picture of Tinywood to share, so here is a snapshot of Gator. She’s still dressed in her winter knitwear though I was experimenting with Windlight–never tried that before–so she’s framed against an alien and somewhat stormy sky!

Snapshot_176 smaller

Gator’s Gallery @ Christmas. New items & Discounts

In the blog posts below I showed off the new things on the marketplace: a Snowflake Outfit for tinies; a Polar Bear Card and Gift Box; and the new crowns. But I’ve also made huge reductions in the prices for many of the older items. Including all the paintings! Most of the art is now only L$95 per picture, over half the price it was. And since they are all no copy/yes transfer they make great gifts. So if you still have gifts to buy, please consider something from the store.

Another reason to shop at Gator’s Gallery marketplace is that even with no transfer items you can send them as gifts through the marketplace. That includes Gator’s Gallery’s no transfer clothing (much of it discounted).

Christmas sorted!