Borgwood Squares – Players Needed

The Science Fiction convention is starting soon and of course Gator’s Gallery will be there. As part of it I’ll be hosting a special edition of Tinywood Squares, renamed Borgwood Squares on Saturday 19th March at 11.30am SLT. There will be a specially redecorated set for the show including new seating suitable for biggies and tinies both. And there will be a second innovation–contestant prizes!

Snapshot_001 cropped and scaled

But of course I’m going to need players. So if you’re sure you’ll be available on that Saturday at 11.30am and want to be a contestant or one of the nine squares please send me an IM (to “TheGator”) letting me know which place you’d prefer. If you’re not sure you’ll be online at that time or if I simply get too many interested players not to fear, send me your name anyway and I’ll start a back up list.

Don’t know how to play? See the Tinywood page for everything you might wish to learn about the game. Borgwood Squares will be run in much the same way as the regular weekly game with one exception. Because this an RFL event there will be no tipping of the host, which means the contestants will receive prizes instead of linden dollar rewards. But hopefully they’ll like them just as much! In terms of monetary value I plan on the prizes being of higher value. First, there will be an e-book token for one of my Smashwords books worth US$0.99. And there will be an item from Gator’s Gallery store, most likely a painting.

As ever everyone, even audience members, will also receive the Secret Square prize. So please do come along to what could well be the daftest, and most certainly the squarest, event of the entire convention.

Hope to see you there!



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