Art Exhibition @ Raglan Tree Gallery

Throughout February and March my paintings will be exhibited at the gallery in the heart of Raglan Shire. And next Saturday 6th February at 12 noon there’ll be a party to celebrate!

There will be a DJ, dancing, silly intelligent conversation free gifts for Gator’s Gallery group members and of course new paintings on display.

Hope you can make it!

Invitation 512x512


Raglan Library 2.0 – Call for Submissions

Raglan Shire 2.0 will soon be going live, and a central part of it will be the new library. I’ve been put in charge of setting it up so am working hard to get it organized. But one thing is clear: we need more books! And that means we need new writers.

So please send me, “TheGator,” anything you have to my inworld mailbox.

Stories, articles, poetry, comic strips, recipes, tutorials, knitting patterns for bobble hats, everything is needed. If in doubt, send it anyway.

There are only two rules:
1. You must own the copyright. This means you must have either written it yourself or own the rights to it.
2. Must be PG.

Obviously, tiny-themed items are particularly welcome.

You have four options:

1. Put it on a full perm notecard and send it to me, “TheGator”. You can drop notecards (but not textures or objects) in my mailbox.
If you submit this way the submission will be put in a simple L$0 buy box in the library with a fairly plain graphical texture made by me. Of course if you want to submit your own fancier book cover texture that would be very welcome. All textures need to be full perm though.

2. Put your submission on to textures, together with a texture for the book cover. Make them all full perm, drop them into a notecard and put the notecard in my mailbox. They can then be used to make a scripted Thincbook. Scripted books will be placed in the library and set to no transfer.

3. Kath McGill has offered to rent out her Thincbook printing press. So if you’re keen to make your own book, you may want to contact her and consider this option.

4. Of course if you can make your own ready-made scripted books please do submit them in whatever form you wish. As long as they work without crashing the sim! 😀

If you want to talk to me about an idea or need help with anything send me an IM or drop me a notecard.

If you’re a member of the Artisans Society of Raglan Shire group you may submit something for sale in the bookshop section. You can place this item yourself once I’ve seen it and approved it. A single book should be no more than one LI. The bookshop section is also the place for prims which link to a for sale non-SL-based item (eg. Amazon e-book). I have a script that will open a web browser window if you need it.

I look forward to reading your submission!

Daisy “TheGator”
IM: “TheGator”