Important Changes at Gator’s Gallery

Today I have some major news. Gator’s Gallery & Bookstore’s big main store in Heron Shire has closed due to lack of traffic and the cost of land in second life. This doesn’t mean Gator’s Gallery is closing, far from it. Instead it will be continuing in a new direction on the marketplace and from time to time at events and fairs all over Second Life. I’m also going to be setting up a new permanent vendor space on the Isle of Wyrms where they charge commission on sales rather than rent meaning that low traffic won’t be a problem.

Renting such a large store was always something of an experiment. I never expected it to be supported entirely by the tiny community as we are of course rather small–pun intended. An ENORMOUS gator thanks to all my regular little folk customers! But I worked hard all over summer to bring in biggie traffic, mostly through hunts. Plenty of humans flooded in. At first it was encouraging. But the visitors for the most part took the freebies and fled, never to return. Maybe they took one look at my ever smiling jaws, I don’t know. But whatever, they didn’t bite.

Anyway, the store will continue to grow, but on the marketplace. I’ll carry on making new items and in time will add most of the old products there. A lot of it is listed already.

So please do keep checking the blog regularly. Even better, join the Gator’s Gallery group. secondlife:///app/group/9e1354bb-261a-2728-8089-12c543bd1b25/about
(copy/paste into local chat then click the link & “Join”) None of these changes will affect Tinywood Squares which will continue as usual every Sunday.

Incidentally, I’ve not abandoned Heron Shire completely. I’ve rented a houseboat on the East shore with great sea views. Visitors welcome! Here I intend to spend much time sitting and writing. Quite possibly there will be more Amazon e-published stories in due course and perhaps even something inworld. So watch this space!

Gator on the roof of her new houseboat.
Gator on the roof of her new houseboat.

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