New for October

New shiny (or spooky) things for a new month. First up we have a new hunt, the Good Reads Literary Classics Hunt. For this we have a pile of mesh books, made by my own fair claw. I’ve taken the liberty of adding the covers for my own e-books on them as while my scribblings might not be literary classics (yet, evil grin) some of my stories have at least sold to traditional markets.

Next we have a new gacha machine! Rare 14LI full modify spooky skyboxes with hand painted walls, three animated sparkly spooky crowns, some scary cute wall-leaning paintings, a flying toothbrush (yes, really), and a lunchbox with art that dispenses fun and yummy things.

And of course, as ever on Sunday, 11.30am, Tinywood is coming…

1024x1024 Good Reads Hunt Prize flat

Halloween 2015 gacha collection


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