Short Story Reading, Tinywood Squares and more

Tomorrow, that’s Monday, 6th July, at 7pm SLT, Gyro Muggins will be reading aloud my self published story, The Martian Ascent at the regular Seanchai Library event. Needless to say I feel quite honoured and delighted that he wants to do this. It’s just a pity I won’t be able to go myself, but 7pm SLT is 3am for me and I plan on being in bed!

Seanchai schedule
Seanchai schedule

As you can see if you visit the “sneak peek” page on my official writing blog The Martian Ascent is a science fiction adventure story. Three little people attempt to be the first to climb the tallest mountain in the solar system where they find the mountain not only a huge physical challenge, but more mysterious than they could have ever imagined.

I hear Gyro will be dressing up as one of the characters as well, so it should be interesting. If you manage to go, let me know how it went!

In other news, last Sunday I ran my first game of Tinywood Squares at Limbo. Officially, this was a practice session, but even so it was a very well attended with Froggie in his usual middle square and Gracie and Petunia competing as contestants. We managed to get through two rounds without too many botch ups from me and everyone seemed happy snappy, which was the most important thing. So watch the events calendar to see when the next game will be.

Finally, Gator’s Gallery’s has a cart at the Mieville fete right now, so if you’re quick it’s worth going to have a look around. And I have a new Facebook page. Come along and offer friendship to see what I share with my friends.

As ever, hope to see you around.



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