Hunts starting, plus new blog pages

Look up–yep up there–and you’ll see some new pages overhead: an events calendar, a bookstore page (under development) and a page for real life art shopping (also coming soon).

In addition three new hunts for July are starting soon. See the picture below, and yes, it only shows two of the three hunt prizes. Of course, it wasn’t that I simply forgot to show the third one. Of course it wasn’t–cough–of course, erm, I’m not that silly…. erm.

In other news, my internet connection is still iffy. I’m crawling along at a puny 1mps right now. The good news is we have an engineer visiting tomorrow. So that might mean things get better, or it might mean I vanish into the swamp once more, only emerging once humanity has long since gone extinct. Never mind, I’m sure I’ll manage just fine! 😀

But seriously, I do hope I won’t be vanishing for 5 days again, or something ghastly like that. If you *do* try to contact me in the near future though, and I don’t reply, it’s possible this is why. Just saying. Don’t want to tempt fate or anything. That asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs was bad enough.

That’s all for now.

Later gators.

Hunt Prizes for July
Hunt Prizes for July

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