Internet Horrors. And Skippy painting

So I lost my internet connection for a horrendous five days. Needless to say Gator was feeling mighty snappy, and several RL telephone people were eaten. I missed my planned practice host session of Tinywood Squares on Sunday–sorry!–and missed the annual Raglan meeting too (yup, both of them.) But it wasn’t all bad news, at least my enforced absence meant I got a little writing and painting done. See my official writing blog on the right for the latest literary news. As for the painting, well, after muttering about it for some time, I’ve finally painted my first tiny. Madam pudgie budgie herself, Skippy! She’s available for sale in the store in a 1 LI mesh frame, resizeable and transferable as ever. Hmm, okay, that sounds a little wrong, but hopefully she’ll forgive my wicked gator ways.

Skippy painting

As for my internet connection, unfortunately it’s still a bit ropey. All the trouble was caused because my household is trying to switch to superfast. After initially getting 0mps for 5 days our speed leapt to an enormous 36mps for a couple of days but now has dropped back to 1mps or less which is clearly quite ghastly and worse than we were getting before. So with speeds like that I don’t think Tinywood Squares would be safe in my claws this weekend. We are getting someone in on Tuesday though so hopefully I’ll know more then.

That’s all for now. Later gators!


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